This project has been started in East London.

Standing in a specific point of a neighborhood, I ask people to stay a moment for the picture. The photo is taken very closely, outside, by natural sunny light with a low flash, in the idea to put up the maximum of colours of their iris.

The purpose of the project is to create a social mapping, on the walls, well ordered, neighborhood by neighborhood, category by category of people, composed by the look of the inhabitants.

Example of categories : « Alta Alib Park », Whitechapel, close to the most important mosque of the UK ; « Hackney Wicked » ; « Housemates » ; « Limehouse » ; « London Fields » ;…

Each photo is 32 x 48 cm.

Nikon D810, 105 mm micro, sunshine and low flash (1/32 – 1/40).

ISO 160; F7.1; 1/60 – 1/500.